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> Introducing the new ClubSport Pedals V2

Introducing the new ClubSport Pedals V2

We thought about how to make something good even better and came up with the evolution of a legend. The ClubSport Pedals V2.

The ClubSport Pedal was the first of our ClubSport product line which represent these values:

  • All metal construction
  • High-End technology
  • Outstanding industrial design
  • Unbeatable price performance 

As you all know there will be more ClubSport products coming up and they all have to match the level of the CSPs.

The new V2 version is rather an evolutiona than a complete new design because sometimes it is better not to change too much. Here are the new features:

1. Look
The pedals now come in anodized black and polished aluminum parts which gives it a more exclusive and classy touch. Of course the colour kits are fully compatible so you can change the look to all black or combine it with grey, orange red or blue.

2. Hydraulic brake
We have added an oil damper to the load cell brake to give it a more realistic and dampenend feeling. The feeling can be adjusted by replacing the silicone oil and use different viscosity and by changing the spring tension on the damper. It is simple but very effective. We also made the load cell brake stiffer and with a shorter travel by default.

3. Degressive clutch mechanism
Our Japanese friend Teki Ei-Ichi developed a new mechanism for the clutch for us. It gives you a degressive feel just like in a real car. Of course you can still adjust the spring strength.

There is no Tuning Kit up to now but we will have a kit coming up later. We thought about an upgrade kit as well but there are too many parts to replace so it would be quite expensive and it would be very complicated to install. The CSP achieve good prices at eBay so we doubt that it would be worth to offer such a kit as V1 owners would not save much money but have the hassle of installation and end up with a product with the old look and used parts. Therefore we decided not to offer such an upgrade kit and I hope you agree.

The CSP V2 will be shipped together with the ClubSport Wheel and we expect the first shipment in USA, EU and AUS in June. We will start taking pre-orders from our new website in May.

Price: 249,95 € (incl VAT) in EU and 249,95 USD (excl sales tax) in USA. Australian prices still need to be determined.

Thanks to Amar for the great pictures and to Björn who made the spectacular video.

ClubSport pedals V2

Fanatec clubsport pedals V2

fanatec clubsport pedals v2





Replies - Comments

Thomas, What parts of the

What parts of the tunning kit from the V1 version will work for the new ones?


NOT HAPPY with the PRICE drop on the new CSP V2 pedals means less for me in a sale to upgrade to the new CSP V2 ...
and no upgrade kit for the CSP v1... not good for me
at least an upgrade for us even if we had to send for you to upgrade, would have even done this. if you could have quick turn around on upgrade and postage.. like 4 weeks would be great something to THINK ABOUT THOMAS

hi, wo gibts ein handbuch


wo gibts ein handbuch für die CSP v1 ?

wäre auch für ein v2 upgrade der v1 CSP :-)

Danke und Gruß

where can i find an manual for the CSP´s ?

i would like to have an upgrade to v2 of my v1´s ,-)


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CSP owner interested in

CSP owner interested in upgrade kit.

Hi Thomas,

Are you guys considering making available v2 Upgrade Kit for the CSP (v1) owners?
I would be a good idea in my opinion, sell an ugrade kit that would allow to upgrade the CSP to match the features of CSP v2. As a satisfied CSP ownwer, I would not buy the CSP v2 as long as my CSP's are working well, but I definetely would IMMEDIATLY buy an upgrade kit...



Hm, my cs pedals V1 are

Hm, my cs pedals V1 are already broken for the 5th time and most of the time right before a league race. Not a happy camper with those.
Will look for another kind of pedals probably. Hoped to be a beta tester for the CSP stuff and was accepted (by Thomas) but somehow never got anything to test.

how often do you use your

how often do you use your setup? daily? What is broken on them? Loadcell?

I'm guessing its the

I'm guessing its the loadcell, the pedals are bulletproof except for the loadcell...

Personally I'm actually not driving that much, a few hours per week max and i have used up 3 loadcells so far over a ~2 year period.

The pedals are outstanding when they work

Hi Thomas Any news on the

Hi Thomas

Any news on the CSP v2's?

My 3:rd loadcell just went on my ~2 year old CSP's so would be nice to get a new one already installed in a pair of CSP v2's!

Btw I have been a Fanatec customer since you launched the Turbo S wheel 2-3 years ago having bought pretty much all your top grade products launched since (most recently CSR-Elite and CSR shifters). Your products though great in design has been lacking in durability and lead-times with customer service has not been the best. Though recently I had an issue and it was responded to within a day and resolved 100% to my satisfaction, top marks for service!! This makes me even more confident to continue as a Fantec customer going forwards!


Hey Thomas, just wondering

Hey Thomas, just wondering if there is a reason that you abandoned the red and yellow hydraulic brake unit which was visible in the early leaked photos? I thought that the touch of color looked really nice! Not that it matters but thought I would ask anyway.

Reckon that the estimates

Reckon that the estimates made in the blog post...

we expect the first shipment in USA, EU and AUS in June. We will start taking pre-orders from our new website in May

...won't be met since Fanatec mentioned that pre-order would start when the CSW and CSP where actually on it's way by boat.

Since it is still impossible to pre-order I reckon the boat isn't on it's way yet and combined with the fact that an average boat trip from China to Germany is 30 days and customs clearing can sometimes take up to 2 weeks this leads to the conclusion that (once again) the stated time schedule will be very hard to accomplish.

Fanatec support refuses to answer questions about the estimates, even a simple question like: "Do you think the end of June will be met or not? Else I will have to order the CSR-E pedals." gets an evasive answer. And replies on Thomas' posts here on the blog with the same question simply don't get answered at all :(

All we want to know is if they still think they can meet the estimated first shipments in June or not :S but somehow I think I already know the answer to that.

So I'm just going to say what I think a lot of people would like to do but are afraid of consequences or whatever:

Come on Fanatec, it's worse enough that you sell out products before even getting new ones and let people wait for months, but at least try to keep your "fans" up to date on this kind of stuff to keep them satisfied or so they can order something else (for now) instead of completely evading questions about it.

There's nothing wrong with some delay but at least be decent enough to mention it.

Good post. I'm not enjoying

Good post. I'm not enjoying the wait, but it would be much easier with some updates on what's going on.

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Thomas already gave an

Thomas already gave an update.

I saw the belated update

I saw the belated update from Thomas. I was agreeing that I would like more consistent updates. I also appreciate that Thomas updates at all as I know he doesn't have to at all.

The CSP V2s are already on

The CSP V2s are already on the way but the CSW and both rims have not been shipped yet as we wanted to ship base and rims together but cannot manufacture them at the same time.

The pre-orders did not start as we really want it to happen on the new website in order to avoid problems with the data if we have to transfer  it to the new shop system. There is a delay on the new shop so it can take until mid June.

Thanks for clearing things

Thanks for clearing things up for us Thomas!

Like I said, there's nothing wrong with some delay, but once you've mentioned an estimated date I do think you should mention these kinds of delays to the people who are eager to order (or those who are watching the site every hour to see if they can pre-order yet ;) ) to prevent people getting annoyed by unannounced shifting dates.

Basically what you are saying is that the CSP v2's are on it's way like planned but pre-order will start later than planned. Does this mean that the first shipments to the customers will still be somewhere around the mid/end of June? I hope so because in that case I can wait for the CSP v2's instead of ordering the CSR-E pedals :D

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Estimated time of arrival

Estimated time of arrival doesn't actually mean Actual time.

Anyway I do hope the CSP V2 will be available when I actually have the money in three weeks.

No it doesn't, but it's also

No it doesn't, but it's also a very small effort to let people, who are eager to order, know if the estimate changes!

Yes, thank you for giving us

Yes, thank you for giving us info. So I can hope Clubsport Pedals V2 for my Elite a few weeks before holidays... nice :)

Thanks for the update

Thanks for the update Thomas. I can now checking the page every 12 hours to see when the pre-orders pop up, at least for a couple weeks ;)

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Thomas can the spare

Thomas can the spare port(hand brake port) on the CSP v1 pedals be used to activate a Rumble Motor on the clutch like on the Brake Pedal? and also let us set it so if you want the Clutch Pedal to be active say between 45 & 50% it would vibrate only between those points to give you that Feel of the Clutch Slipping as it engages? In Forza feeling the clutch slipping would be cool I could half or slip the Clutch in corners at full throttle then let it Rip fully into gear on the exit.. Even if its not faster it would be really be Immersive to be able to feel the Simulated Clutch Slippage. Seems like it would work being Forza and other Games lets you adjust your clutch sensitivity... Do you think this can be done on a future Software update for the wheels? or even a upgrade kit for the V1's that include a motor for the clutch pedal?

Sounds like a cool feature

Sounds like a cool feature but this is something for a potential super high-end pedal.

GrimeyDog's picture

That's what you make!!!

That's what you make!!! Super cool High End Products!!! You can do it!!! I know you can!!! I see it working principally just like the motor on the brake pedal and with a software update it can be programmed into the wheel the same way we adjust the ABS in the wheel the only difference would be there would be a start and a Stop point... say it cuts on at 45% and at 50% it stops...Even if you don't program a cut off point it would still give the rumble or feel of the clutch activating. The Technology is there already that would be the Perfect Upgrade kit for the CSP v1 pedals. could even be used on the v2's provided that its enough space behind the pedal's I don't know how much space the extra bar on the CSP v2 Clutch Pedal takes up. You can do it Thomas!!! just atleast say you will consider it for a potential CSP v1 update.

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Ahh I can't take the wait

Ahh I can't take the wait anymore! :P

@THOMAS: Do you have a more

@THOMAS: Do you have a more precise idea yet when the pre-order and shipping for the CSP V2 will start?

I am on the verge of buying a CSR wheel, preferably with CSP v2 pedals instead of the CSR elite's. But if pre-order and shipping will take longer than you mentioned before I can't wait for it because I need the set for a running project.

Thx for your reply

I was going to ask the same

I was going to ask the same question. When are you going to reveal a new Fanatec website?

Hi Thomas. As CSP are not on

Hi Thomas. As CSP are not on sale anymore, is there any chance of seeing a GT2 XL Pack anytime?

Thank you.

Upgrade Kit Please

Upgrade Kit Please Thomas

Thomas, the CSP V1's are trivial to dismantle and re-assemble, so please will you reconsider and make an upgrade kit available at your 'quoted' 80 Euro/USD/everything else. You will sell a load of them to people just not willing to spend yet another 250.

Having bought an Elite, I already feel that you have made it out of date with the newer wheel and rims, which is disappointing considering the amount spent already as I feel 'second rate' already.

Now I am the last person to say you should rest on your laurels, but PLEASE consider existing loyal customers as well as new ones and give them continuity and an upgrade path. For existing customers the CS shifter and hand brake are the most wanted products, to which I'd now add a CSP V1 to V2 upgrade kit!

Whilst waiting for the CSHB, can we at least have a firmware update for the Elite to allow use of the hand brake port on the CSP's via a microswitch as an on/off function via button on Xbox?

I'm with this. Upgrade path

I'm with this. Upgrade path for us loyal guys.

I totally support what you

I totally support what you are saying

too tired and lazy to read

too tired and lazy to read through all those comments...
while I understand that a [i]complete[/i] upgrade/mod might be too complicated (for some)I'd still love to see the hydraulicc update for the V1s... beg me pardon, I do dig the old design in favor of the new one ;) So it would be getting V2, replacing all black anodized parts with the neutral ones...
cm'on, give us early adopters the hydraulic damp, Thomas... If you do, i promise to hold on with my shifters until the CSS arrives and NOt buy the Tm's ;)

Servus und mach mal was G'scheids...

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